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Random Acts Of Kindness Go A Long Way

Random acts of kindness. Here are some ways to put good Karma out into the world and to just do something nice for the sake of being nice. Hold open the door for someone, especially mother’s with small children. Even if they don’t say thank you, you have been helpful to someone.

Thank a service man/women or police officer for their service. They are out there risking their lives to keep you safe and secure. My assistant carries around $5 Starbucks cards and when the opportunity presents itself, she will give them to a service man/women or police officer to thank them for their service. She has even purchased lunch for a policeman who was standing behind her in line at Chipotle. Little things let these people know you appreciate the sacrifices they make for the general public.

Let someone in traffic go in front of you. They probably won’t say thank you but again, you have done made a nice gesture. You have no idea what their day is like and maybe this will help them to get where they need to be and it’s less than a second of time you lost to get where you need to be. 

Let someone in the grocery store who has 1 or 2 items go ahead of you if you are not in a hurry and have a full cart. It always is received with gratitude. 

Always use the name of your server or service person. If they don’t give you their name, ask for it and say thank you “Tom”. Remember their name and use it if you should need something or if they ask if there is anything else you need, you can then say, thank you, “Tom” we are all good here. People like to know they are recognized as a person, not just a server or service person.

Compliment someone’s on their accessories, men on their ties and women on their shoes. “I like your tie” or “Cute shoes” . Both are safe observations to make. Men usually pick out their own ties and most women love their shoes. It will probably make them smile and that always feels good. 

If you have any other ideas or things you do as random acts of kindness, replay and let me know. It may be something I haven’t thought of or someone else may have not thought of either. Have a good Karma day today.